About ALYco

ALYco was started for many reasons, but it's inspiration came from the love of dressing little ones in classic + comfortable clothing.  Being a mother of two small girls, I am always searching for clothing options that allow my vintage and classic style to collide with their need for comfort and play.

I am a former grade school teacher who abruptly became a stay at home mom when COVID closed schools in 2020. Also in that year, I gave birth to my youngest daughter at only 33 weeks.  After getting time at home with my babies, I decided that home is where I belong.  However, the passion for hard work and drive to provide for my family did not change.  

The name ALYco was formed by taking the first initials of my two girls and our last name initial.  This business was built around the desire to be home and present with them, but of course ALWAYS dressing them in style :) 

At ALYco, I promise to provide superior customer service and only the best products that I can find.  I am available to answer questions about our products and also will strive to help you find the unique styles that you are searching for.

Happy Shopping!